Ticket Purchase Policy


The Reunion Parties does not offer refunds or exchanges for tickets purchased through our website, unless a cancellation of the event occurs. Tickets purchased through The Reunion Parties may be subject to a per-ticket service fee. If you are experiencing difficulties with purchasing tickets please contact us at info@thereunionparties.com If an event is rescheduled due to a force majeure circumstances (such as natural disasters, strikes, virus outbreaks, terrorist acts, earthquake or anything out of the ordinary situation), the organizer reserves the right not to offer any refunds if the event is rescheduled for a new date and it takes place eventually. The normal refund policy will not hold under force majeure circumstances. The replacement event date will need to be announced within 18 months of the originally scheduled event date.

Note, that any service or shipping fee charged is non-refundable, even if client is allowed a refund for a cancelled/rescheduled event or thereunionparties.com issues a refund at the request of an organizer. It is client's sole responsibility to carefully review client's ticket reservation information before actually submitting the final purchase confirmation. In case of an event cancellation, client will be notified by via an email message or phone (assuming client has provided valid information), and client's credit card will be refunded automatically at no additional charge to client.

Dissatisfaction with the event, regardless of the reason (your seat not being available, poor event content, uncomfortable air temperature, lack of parking, extra noise, no parking, or any unforeseen reason out of control of thereunionparties.com, does not serve as a valid excuse for getting a refund. If the organizer of the event issues a refund, it would be at their sole discretion. Only refunds issued by TheReunionParties.com are for canceled events, or refund requests directly approved by the event organizer.


Tickets will not be mailed, unless stated otherwise. After the purchase is made, the customer will receive a confirmation email with attached e-tickets. Guests are required to bring an electronic or a printed copy of the tickets and a valid photo I.D. to the front door of the venue to be granted entrance.


For guests that don't purchase tickets online, there will be a limited amount of tickets available for purchase at the door approximately one hour before the start of the event. If an event is listed as sold out then it genuinely means no tickets are available. We reserve the right to decline entry due to capacity issues. Early arrival is strongly encouraged. Visibly intoxicated guests will not be admitted to the venue.