About Us

the beginning

The Reunion Parties is a Los Angeles based, events, concerts, and promotion company. Since 1999, we've been organizing the most spectacular and exclusive nightlife events in Los Angeles and Hollywood. Over time our company developed into being a full service production company for nightlife, special events, concerts and tours. The Reunion Parties is the longest running active Los Angeles based event organizing company in the United States! Generations have grown up attending our events.


The Reunion Parties organizes, promotes, operates, and manages live entertainment events and concerts in the United States and internationally. We have the privilege to work with artists and to bring their creativity to life on stages. Our mission is to inspire and create memories that last a lifetime. Our events contain a masterful blend of music, taste, atmosphere, vibe, and people.


Our mission is not accomplished yet! A new generation of parties is emerging. We are ready to take it to the next level and have the entire planet party with us! The Reunion Parties has major blockbuster events in production, on board with the best DJ's, hottest venues, top artists and celebrities. Hop on, and enjoy the ride with us!